Upon satisfactorily completion of the TRAINING FOR ELECTION COMMISSIONERS please email the Clerk at upclerk@bayou.com by taking a screen shot or printing certificate out. You can also mail it to Union Parish Clerk of Court, 100 East Bayou Street, Suite 105, Farmerville, Louisiana 71241

Polling Place Health Protocols and Social Distancing Guidelines


To serve as a certified commissioner one must be the following:

  • a qualified voter who is not entitled to assistance in voting;
  • shall not be a candidate for public office in the election;
  • shall not be a child, brother, sister, parent or spouse of candidate for election of public office in the precinct in which he serves;
  • shall not have been convicted of an election office;
  • have attended a course of instruction for commissioners; (such as the one above)
  • shall not be a law enforcement officer.

If you complete this course and successfully complete it, your name will be placed on the roster of certified commissioners from which commissioners are drawn to serve in each election.  The pay for commissioners for each election with required training is $200.00.  If you have ever considered working as  a poll worker, please complete this course.  If you complete this course you will be certified through June 30, 2024, and will not have to complete another re-certification course before that date.   

The Clerk of Court is the chief election official for the parish. The Clerk is the custodian of the voting machines and trains the persons who work at the polls on election day. Anyone interested in becoming a commissioner should contact the Clerk of Court. Election returns can be viewed at www.sos.louisiana.gov or www.geauxvote.com. Click on Elections and then select Elections Returns Database. You can view statewide races, parish returns and amendments.

New Election Commissioners are always needed or if you would like a refresher course please visit this election day training videos below:

Election Dates