Notice: All filing fees must be payable to the filing office (one of 64 Clerks of Court) with whom you are filing your UCC financing statement. Do not send your filing or your filing fee to the Secretary of State’s Office.

You can file UCC online by registering with the Louisiana Secretary of State by clicking on this link: UCC ONLINE FILINGS

UCC1 – One Debtor – Fees reflected below include a $5 prepaid termination fee

Financing Statement $30.00
Financing Statement with Assignment $35.00
Financing Statement relative to “as extracted collateral” or fixture filing $40.00
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility) $205.00
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction) $105.00
Attachments $2.00 each
Additional Debtor Names $10.00 each
Non-standard Form Fee (anything other than the National Financing Statement Forms or the Louisiana approved forms $15.00


UCC3 – One Debtor

Amendment $25.00
Continuation $25.00
Assignment $25.00
Debtor Correction $25.00
Master Assignment/Amendment $5.00 per Financing Statement
Termination ($5 per debtor name paid at time of original filing) N/A
Additional debtors named on original $5.00 each


UCC11 – Search

UCC Certificate (per debtor name)
Additional $1 for each listing more than ten
Copies of Documents $2.00 per page
Certification of Documents $5.00 each


Central Registry Filings (UCC1-F and UCC3-F)

UCC and Crop Filing $35.00*
Crop Filing Only $20.00*

*These are flat fees. No additional charges are assessed for additional debtors and/or attachments

Please visit www.sos.louisiana.gov for more information or call (225) 922-1193 for assistance.