Union Parish Clerk of Court is not to provide any legal advise or technical help to attorneys or pro se applicants regarding the preparation or filing process of expungements. For assistance contact the LA Bureau of Criminal Information in Baton Rouge, LA. An attorney or pro se applicant must do their own research on the case and decide how to complete the Expungement form.



  • $550.00 applicant must have all fees at the time of filing which are non-refundable. Initial filings from the attorney or defendant must provide the following:
  • a.) Certified copy of the motion and order of Dismissal.
  • b.) Motion for expungement forms filled out with attachments (Bill of Information, incident report, court minutes/disposition).
  • c.) State background check (contact Baton Rouge State Police).
  • d.) Fingerprint card (can be obtained from the Sheriff’s Office).
  • e.) If applicable: a letter of completion of probation, e.g., (felony-verification of first offender pardon or Misdemeanor-termination letter from probation officer.
  • f.) $200.00 money order payable to Union Parish Clerk of Court.
  • g.) $250.00 money order payable to Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Investigation as known as Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
  • h.) $50.00 money order payable to Union Parish District Attorney’s Office.
  • i.) $50.00 money order payable to Union Parish Sheriff’s Office.

DWI expungements require an additional $100.00 for processing.

(2 separate $50.00 money orders) a separate packet with transmittal letters

(Art. 556/984 repository letters) must be sent to the Office of Motor Vehicles prior to filing for expungement.

  • Expungement Forms Index
Form #Form Name 
Form Exp 4Certification of Fee WaiverDA approves waive of fees
Form Exp 5Motion for ExpungementMisdemeanor or Felony
Form Exp 6Affidavit of ResponseObjections or Not
Form Exp 7Order of ExpungementNo Objections/No Hearings
Form Exp 8Order of ExpungementAfter Hearing
Form Exp 9Motion for Interim ExpungementExpungement of felony of arrest if charge reduced to misdemeanor
Form Exp 10Order of Interim ExpungementExpungement of felony of arrest if charge reduced to misdemeanor
Exp Spl 1Supplemental Sheet for Arrest/No Convictions 
Exp Spl 2Supplemental Sheet for Misdemeanor Convictions 
Exp Spl 3Supplemental Sheet for Felony Convictions 
DWI Plea FormTransmittal of Records of DWI PleaTransmittal of Records of DWI Plea Pursuant to Article 894
DWI Exp Transmittal of Records for Expungement of DWITransmittal of Records for Expungement of DWI

Expungement Forms CCrP 893 & 894

Form #Form Name 
Form Exp 1Motion to Set Aside Conviction and Dismiss ProsecutionCCrP 893 & 894
Form Exp 2Rule to Show CauseCCrP 893 & 894
Form Exp 3Order to DismissalCCrP 893 & 894