Original Petition, Supplemental and/or Amending Petition, Petition of Intervention, Third Party Deman, Reconventional Demand, Motion for Summary Judgement, Judgement Debtor Examination & Rule for 102 Divorce (Note: Each Additional Defendant is an additional $100.00 Charge)


Original Petition with attached Order of Rule

Original Petition w/Rule & TRO

Executory Process (each additional defendant $100.00)




Garnishment (includes $50 to answer interrogatories)


Curator Fees (Per Defendant Represented)


Service on Secretary of State


Rule for Summary Judgment


Each additional defendant


Additional for Attorney Appointed in Workman’s Comp Case


 CLERKS DOCKET SUITS (Clerks Suit Petition)

Initial Filing with one Defendant


Initial Filing when prepared by Attorney with Petition and Affidavits

Instructions for Filing Clerks Suit


Note: Each Additional Defendant is an Additional $100.00 Charge


Initial Filing for Incomplete Suit

Initial Filng for Adoption



In all matters where filing is not mentioned here, such as interrogatories, etc., the amount to be charged will be on an actual basis (per page, service, mailing and the like) with as correct an estimate as can be made.


Per Day Witness in Civil Cases


Per day hotel and meal expense for witnesses residing outside the parish and more than 25 miles from the courthouse where the trial or hearing is to be held (additional)


Round trip mileage on a per mile basis

$ .16

Please be aware of the fact that the above fees include amounts which the Clerk of Court collects for others and pays to them.

The fees that the Clerk collects from these deposits are fees for actual services rendered based on a schedule adopted by the Louisiana Legislature.