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June 5, 2015

            On June 23, 2014, Act. NO. 826 was signed by Governor Jindal, which law allows for the establishment of a statewide portal for internet users to have remote access to Clerks of Court throughout the state.  The portal will allow users to search the mortgage and conveyance indices of all participating clerks at no charge.  After the user searches the indices on the statewide portal, if they find a record that they would like to access, the portal will connect the user to the website of that specific Clerk of Court.  Union Parish Clerk’s Office has decided to participate.

            The legislature approved a fee of $5.00 per recording on all land documents recorded in the office of the participating clerks, which will go toward the design, construction, administration and maintenance of the statewide portal.  This fee was implemented by most participating Clerks of Court on September 1, 2014.  This office decided to absorb the cost and not implement the fee on our customers prior to this date.  Although, beginning July 1, 2015, this office will start charging the $5.00 fee per recording.

            The portal project seeks some standardization in practices for all participating Clerk’s offices; namely, every participating clerk must agree to make available of a daily rate of $20.00 for access to the images and indices on their own website.  Currently in Union Parish to access our website go to  Our website is set up to provide three levels of access: Basic 24 hour day subscription for $20 to access indices and copies for .50₵ each – Basic 30 day subscription for $100 indices and copies for .50₵ each. – Yearly subscription for $1080 and copies for .50₵ each.

            Depending on your search needs you can determine which option to use, but several parishes have already established this daily rate of $20.  The legal community is pleased as it allows them to bill the research fee to the appropriate client.  For those of you who already use our website we encourage you to use the yearly subscription, you will get the most bang for your buck using the Premium Access.  For occasional users, the $20 for the day subscription rate will be to your advantage.

            Please go to our website at and click on the online index search to access.  All staff members of the Union Parish Clerk of Court are willing to answer any of your questions regarding this matter and any other matter.

            Thank you for your patronage and I appreciate your cooperation in getting the word out of this exciting new LCRAA Portal coming late this fall!



Dodi Eubanks, Union Parish Clerk of Court


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